Out Of The Box Brownies: Magical brownie recipes that start with a box

Low-Fat Salty-Scotch Brownies

July 24, 2011 By: Denise Leo, Global Brownie Ambassador Category: Chilled, Creative, Low-Fat, Nut-Free, Salty-Sweet



Step closer and gasp at the glory of this frozen treat. Drool at the salty, butterscotchy ribbon running through the frozen fudge layer. Marvel at its mouth-watering status as a "fork brownie." Drop your jaw when you learn that it is low in fat.


1 box low-fat brownie mix

Egg, oil, and water called for on the box

1 box (of 6) Weight Watchers Giant Fudge Bars, frozen

1/2 cup butterscotch topping (fat free)

3/4 tsp salt, flaked (like margarita salt)



Do not attempt this recipe unless you’re willing to believe in reduced-fat recipes that are actually awesome. Your disbelief will only create a disturbance in the space-time continuum. And who needs that? So, first, believe.

Next, use a “low-fat” brownie mix. Mix it as directed on the box — the instructions usually call for less oil and egg than a “regular” mix.

If your store doesn’t carry a low-fat mix, call the store manager and use your sweet-talkin’ voice. Or grab a regular mix and follow the directions, except: 1) substitute plain low-fat yogurt for the oil and 2) substitute 3 egg whites for the 2 eggs.

I like to add 1 tsp vanilla for a little more flavor. I mean, ’cause vanilla is, like, three shades of awesome. Pour into greased pan and bake according to box instructions.


Two ways to get your low-fat brownie... Either get a low-fat box mix and follow the directions. Or, if your store doesn't have that, get a regular mix and make a few substitutions. (See written recipe.)

When your low-fat brownies are baked, let them cool until they are room temperature. You’ll be working with frozen stuff in your next layer, so don’t try to move on while the pan is still hot. You’ll just end up with a gooey mess and you’ll be messing with universal karma. Try to be patient.

When brownies are completely cooled, it’s time to put the Weight Watchers fudge bars on top. Using a knife dipped in hot water, pry the frozen fudge bars from their wooden sticks and place them side by side on the crust. Let stand for a few minutes until they soften.

Using a knife dipped in hot water, slide the fudge bars from their sticks. Then set the pan aside so they can soften.

Meanwhile, mix 3/4 teaspoon of flaked salt into 1/2 cup butterscotch topping. Set aside.

Flaked margarita salt helps balance the seductive sweetness of the butterscotch.

When the ice creamy fudge bars are soft, use a spatula to smoosh them together. Spread them into one smooth layer. Place pan in freezer for 10 minutes or until top layer is stiff.

Those softened fudge bars don't stand a chance. Soon they will be part of a delectable low-fat frozen treat that will make your summer sweeter.

Pull from freezer. Using a spoon, artfully create deep pockets and seams into the stiff ice cream layer. Stir the salty-scotch topping once more so the salt is evenly distributed; then pour your topping into the pockets and seams to create a ribbon of salty butterscotch.

Pour your topping into the little channels you've artfully made in the surface of the ice cream. Freeze until it's solid, and then serve with a fork!

Freeze for at least 30 minutes before serving.

If you can possibly wait that long.