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These pan drippin’s were scrape-worthy

July 20, 2011 By: Denise Leo, Global Brownie Ambassador Category: Musings


After the cutting and serving was done, the pan drippin's for this brownie stirred something primal in me. And it led to my FIRST EVER shameless (and extensive) finger-scraping session with a glass brownie pan. My selfish, Gollum-inspired goal was to capture and then consume every last molecule from the unsuspecting brownie pan. About an hour afterward, I visited the pan to apologize for being so forward.

Ok, I’ll be honest. I’ve used my finger to scrape-n-lick the last bit of batter from countless spoons over the years. Yeah, I know, no big surprise there.

But here’s the big news flash. I just created a brownie recipe that has, for the first time ever, inspired me to give my *PAN* the finger.

The pan drippin’s were THAT GOOD.


Finger-scrapin’ good.

“Where’s the recipe?” you say…. Well, be strong, my brownie fans. I will share it soon. I’m typing up the recipe and will post it this weekend. The recipe name: Low-Fat Salty-Scotch Brownies.

And, hold onto your heat wave, folks! They’re FROZEN.