Out Of The Box Brownies: Magical brownie recipes that start with a box



 Here are finished photos of all my brownies. I had fun making them; I hope you enjoy seeing them. The links are provided.

Salty Caramel and Snickers Brownie: manly enough to be served for Father's Day. I use Almond Snickers (instead of the regular peanut Snickers bar) for a big, nutty crunch. Recipe is at http://wp.me/p1CRK1-ok

Modern Peach Cobbler Blondie. This little gem rides the line between rugged and refined. It's chunky and funky, a modern take on the traditional serve-it-in-a-bowl fruit cobbler. Great for picnics! Recipe is at http://wp.me/p1CRK1-nG


Peanut Butter Brownie Pizza. A memorable change of pace, and a chance to have silly kid fun in the kitchen! Recipe is at http://wp.me/p1CRK1-n3.

Don't call this a "plain brownie." This is MY MOM's from-scratch recipe (also known as The Holy Grail). She said it would be OK to share the recipe with you. It's at http://outoftheboxbrownies.com/the-holy-grail/


Strawberry Cheesecake Swirl Brownie! You won't believe how easy this is to make. Just 5 ingredients (6 if you count water). Recipe is at http://wp.me/p1CRK1-lZ.


Cinco de Mayo Brownie with Spicy Mexican Ganache. Your eyes will glaze over with brownie lust when you see this shiny ganache glaze. Don't fear the "heat;" it's tasty and mild! Recipe is at http://wp.me/p1CRK1-l1.


Here is the Adorable Sushi Brownie! Kiwi, mango, and a toasted walnut float on a cloud of banana pudding, cupped in the sweet embrace of a tiny brownie. A must-make for your next party! Recipe is at http://wp.me/p1CRK1-kh.


Bite-Sized Peanut-Butter Crunch Brownie. Take it to work, chat with it until you need a snack. Then become one. Recipe is at http://wp.me/p1CRK1-k7

Girl Scouts, rejoice! This Tagalong Brownie Pie recipe glorifies one of your most popular cookies. Recipe is at http://wp.me/p1CRK1-jr


Drink it in with your eyeballs, my friends. The Red Velvet Brownie is a visual stunner! Visit the recipe at: http://wp.me/p1CRK1-iy


The Peeps Brownie Pond. It's a scoopable trifle dish, perfect for kids and springtime! Visit: http://wp.me/p1CRK1-h0


Every year, the Easter bunny ushers in springtime and Girl Scout Cookies. This is the Girl Scout Samoas Brownie. Visit: http://wp.me/p1CRK1-gh


The Mint Chocolate Chip Brownie gives you a big smile and minty-fresh breath, too. A fine combination for spring romance! Link: http://wp.me/p1CRK1-fE



The Valentine's Cherry Cordial Brownie. A sure-fire way to get through Valentine's Day--regardless of whether you're hitched or single! Link: http://wp.me/p1CRK1-eC


Oh, the manly delights of the Super Bowl Brownie. Guinness and Snickers are both victorious in this recipe. (Manly, yes, but the ladies love it, too.) Link: http://wp.me/p1CRK1-e6

Oh, joy. It's the Brownie Waffle with Hazelnut-Cafe Whip. Does it get any better than this? Link: http://wp.me/p1CRK1-cR

Cue the steel-drum band. The Key Lime Margarita Brownie deserves some good theme music. Link: http://wp.me/p1CRK1-6Z

The Gingerbread Fluff Brownie. It's just the cutest little sticky-sweet thing you could possible serve for Christmas dessert. Enjoy! Link: http://wp.me/p1CRK1-bk


The EggNog Swirl Brownie is a chewy, not-too-sweet alternative to a typical Christmas dessert. Swirly, chocolatey, noggy...it's a bit of perfection! Link: http://wp.me/p1CRK1-aF

The Peppermint Bark Brownie ushers in the month of December with a frosty crunch and a flirty wink. Link: http://wp.me/p1CRK1-9I


Three layers of decadence: coffee-tinged brownie crust, Kahlua-tinged pudding middle, and Bailey's Irish Cream-tinged mousse. Don't wait for a special occasion to make the Kahlua Mousse Brownie! Link: http://wp.me/p1CRK1-8K


The Pumpkin-Cheesecake Brownie. For Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas, you'll love this recipe. It uses 2 different cake mixes to get a special cheesecake-y taste and texture without all the work! Link: http://wp.me/p1CRK1-7O


The Lunchbox Brownie. It's the best way to turn someone's crappy day into a big, fat smile. Link: http://wp.me/p1CRK1-75


The S'mores Brownie means you get the best part of a campfire -- without all the smoke! The kids will love this one as much as you do.

The Caramel Fluff Brownie is filled with clouds, angels, and wishes. So light. So mouthwateringly beckoning. I give in.

The Dreamy Apricot Blonde Brownie, in all of its cheerful glory. Wowie zowie!


It's a conundrum of confections! The White-Chocolate Truffle and Cherry Pie Brownie. Divine!

The delightfully refreshing Mint Lovers' Creme de Menthe Brownie. Since this recipe is mint plus mint, the result is perfectly mintabulous.


Who says there’s ONLY ONE Elvis? I count two of them: The Vegas Elvis (on the right side, pan-fried in banana batter) and The Graceland Elvis (on the left, pan-free). Both have peanut butter and MallowCups.

The Low-Fat Salty-Scotch Brownie. Step closer and gasp at the glory of this frozen treat. Drool at the salty, butterscotchy ribbon running through the frozen fudge layer. Marvel at its mouth-watering status as a "fork brownie." Drop your jaw when you learn that it is low in fat.

The Coconut Macadamia Nut Brownie. How can something so crave-a-licious be so EASY to make? You simply MUST try this to believe it. Oh, and get a gallon of good vanilla ice cream before you make these. I'm just sayin'.

Behold, the Turtle Pretzel Brownie. Salty, sweet, rich, buttery. Resistance is futile.

The surface of the Peanut-Butter Cheesecake Brownie is like a molten explosion of peanut-butter lava.


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