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S’mores Brownies

September 14, 2011 By: Denise Leo, Global Brownie Ambassador Category: Candy Bar, Creative, Decadent, Fun For Kids, Nut-Free, Super-Simple

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I love September because it reminds me of campfires and bonfires. And s’mores. But it can be hard to make a fire just any old time. My suggestion is to fire up your fall-time snacking with this gorgeous brownie recipe.

S'mores without the smoke in your eyes. These brownies are soft yet crunchy. Sweet and satisfying. Serving size = two brownies, no matter how big you cut them. ;-)


1 box brownie mix

2 eggs

1/3 cup oil

6 Hershey’s chocolate bars, broken into smallest squares

1/3 cup butter or margarine (about 5 Tbsp)

1 bag marshmallows (about 16 ounces — or about 6 cups of the miniature marshmallows, which I prefer because they melt faster)

5-6 cups of Golden Grahams cereal

Mix together the eggs, oil, and brownie mix. This batter will make your bottom layer. You want your brownie layer to be shallow, so pour your batter into a large greased pan (9×13 inches is great). If you don’t have a large pan, try using 2 small ones. Bake at 350 F for about 20-22 minutes, or until a toothpick comes out almost clean.

Remove brownies from the oven, and let them cool for a while. While they’re cooling, break your chocolate bars into the smallest-possible pieces (each piece should have one “Hershey’s” logo on it).

Though I have experimented with many kinds of chocolate over the years, when it comes to s'mores you kind of HAVE TO use Hershey's. Just one person's opinion.

Measure out 6 cups of mini-marshmallows and 5-6 cups of Golden Grahams cereal (if you use more cereal, you’ll have a thicker top layer; use less cereal and you’ll have a shorter but mallow-ier top layer).

If you’re a fan of Rice Krispies Treats, you’re going to love these next few steps. Melt your butter in a large (5-quart) pan over medium heat. When melted, add your marshmallows and stir constantly until they’re melted.

Oh, my. It's starting to get really good now.

Now comes the part where you must have your act together and work very quickly. So put on some appropriate music. Maybe Flight of the Bumblebee, Smells Like Teen Spirit, or whatever motivates you. Do these next 3 steps as quickly as you can: 1) mix the cereal into the melted marshmallows, 2) pour the still-warm cereal/marshmallow mixture onto your brownie crust, and 3) insert the Hershey’s pieces as you pat down the cooling cereal mixture before it sets up and gets harder to work with.

You will want to begin eating at this point. Resist, and keep hustling during this quickly moving phase of your recipe.

Ke-e-e-e-e-e-e-p moving! Once you pour the cereal onto your brownie crust, it starts cooling and hardening. Quickly insert the chocolate pieces in a "Stonehenge/Cadillac Ranch" fashion. As you go, pat the cereal down into a loosely compacted top layer.

S’mores should be messy, so don’t sweat the appearance too much. It will be lumpy, bumpy, and uneven. In fact, I really adore how pretty this pan of brownies is. Let it cool and set up for about 10-15 minutes. If you can wait, that is.

When you cut your s’mores brownies, be sure to use a very sharp serrated knife, as the cereal sets up into a hard, crunchy layer. A hard, crunchy, awesome layer. Here is the s’mores brownie in all its glory. As I said before, you will find that the serving size is 2 brownies, regardless of the size you cut them. (hee hee)

Who needs kindling and firewood when you can have the best part of a bonfire right in your kitchen?

5 Comments to “S’mores Brownies”

  1. So good! Thanks for sharing ;o)

  2. Elaine Smith says:

    Hi Denise. I am going to send this website to my oldest granddaughter, Amanda, who is a freshman attending Simpson University in Redding, CA. I do believe she and her 3 roommates could use such a “tool” in their weekend life. These brownies look so bad for me, and yet I am still tempted to make them anyway. Perhaps I can make them and send them to Mandy. Do you think they would ship well?

    • Denise Leo, Brownie Ambassador says:

      @Elaine – Shipping…Hmm. I’m not sure how to stack s’mores brownies without them getting stuck together — maybe some wax paper in between layers. I think the Coconut Macadamia Nut Brownies might ship better, since they don’t have a “crunchy” component. Just my 2 cents. Thanks, Elaine!

  3. Liseoire Werner Carr says:

    I don’t know if I have the discipline NOT to eat the Golden Grahams before they hit the brownie crust!

    • Denise Leo, Brownie Ambassador says:

      I share your lack of discipline. That’s why I make some extra graham-mallow. (How much extra? Oh, just about the size of my lightly buttered fist.)


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