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Harrd to typ whilewearig oven mitts…

May 31, 2011 By: Denise Leo, Global Brownie Ambassador Category: Musings

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I love to bake brownies. And right now, I’m up to my oven mitts while I bake up a bunch more recipe ideas to share with you on this very site.

I’m writing this first post just as a placeholder to say, “Hi,” while I continue the construction of what will soon be a veritable amusement-park for brownie lovers.

Think of this post as a friendly ambassador, greeting you with a cheerful kitchen-towel-snap-to-the-hindquarters.

In just a few weeks, c’mon back. You’ll soon be witness to some blog content that really matters. I’m talking brownies, a ton of brownies. Plus brownie ideas that will get you excited about box mixes.

Yeah, that’s what I said.

You will be excited.

About a dollar-ninety-nine box brownie mix. And just how far you can take it with some genuine love, flair, and creativity.

So, all you brownie bakers out there: hang on to your toques for another couple of weeks. And revisit this site in July, when you’ll see what outoftheboxbrownies.com is all about: Sharing the brownie love.

5 Comments to “Harrd to typ whilewearig oven mitts…”

  1. I can totally see that smile on your face when you’re writing this. Please consider my application for Mister BigBoyPants Taste Tester, and let me know if The Volcano is on your brownie makin’ radar in 2011.

  2. Amy Bumpus says:

    YUM! Wow, does that ever look dee-licious! I’m going to have to make these for my boyees!

  3. Amy Bumpus says:

    Ok, DANG! I just realized the recipe is to be posted soon! Ok, I’ll be waiting! Facebook me when you have it posted!!! I might not make it though…..I am a chocoholic!

  4. Hallelujah! Can’t wait to see the next divine creation… keep in mind, one of your biggest fans doesn’t like nuts. Just sayin’. Bring on the chocolate, peanut butter marshmallow and caramel combos. Call it The Dawn. ;-)

  5. Barb Huhn says:

    Wow, Denise, I am so excited about your site. Keep me posted.
    Proud to be the cousin of such a creative person and entrepeneur
    Now I can take “brownies” to events and people will think I am a gourmet cook.
    I’ll keep watching. Put me on a email list if you do that.
    Barb Huhn
    the St. L. cousins


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